Subsurface Sampling

Advanced Cleanup Technologies investigates environmental media utilizing its own truck-mounted and portable hydraulic percussion-style sampling equipment. This allows us to collect as many samples as necessary to fully characterize a property at a guaranteed fixed cost.

There are numerous advantages to using ACT’s subsurface sampling services. Our direct push sampling equipment does not generate drill cuttings or costly wastes to dispose of, allowing for more samples to be collected each day. And with ACT’s guaranteed “No Per Sample Charge”, you’re assured that the price we quote is the price you’re charged.

Soil Sampling

Soil sampling is the most common type of subsurface sampling. Continuous soil sampling involves the collection of soil samples from the ground surface to a pre-determined depth, such as the water table or bedrock. Discrete soil sampling involves the collection of soil samples at a specific depth interval. With either method, your sample is collected in a dedicated acetate liner, thereby insuring the sample’s integrity.

phase-ii-vapor-intrusion-studies-smSoil Vapor Sampling

Soil-vapor sampling involves the installation of a porous sampling tip into the ground surface and the collection of subsurface vapor samples using dedicated, disposable tubing. Soil-vapor sampling is performed where gasoline or industrial solvent contamination is suspected.

Soil-vapor sampling allows the collection of samples at multiple levels at each location. ACT personnel are highly trained and equipped to follow all New York State Department of Health guidelines in the collection and analysis of soil vapor samples, including the use of certified-clean Summa Canisters and tracer gases to insure sample integrity. The samples can be screened in the field utilizing ACT’s Mobile Laboratory or preserved for certified analysis in accordance with the most current EPA Methodologies.

phase-ii-roadway-drilling-smGround Water Sampling

The old days of investigating ground water by conventional wells is OVER. Temporary wells consisting of slotted ground water screens can be installed at or below the water table. Ground water samples are collected inside the screen utilizing dedicated tubing and peristaltic pumps or foot check valves. Through the use of temporary wells, ground water samples can be collected from beneath a property the same day they are installed with minimal waste generation.

Temporary wells permit the complete characterization of ground water beneath a property. Should the need arise, temporary wells also assist in the proper placement of conventional monitoring wells for long-term ground water monitoring. ACT’s subsurface sampling equipment can install both temporary and 1 inch diameter conventional monitoring wells that have been accepted and even utilized by regulatory agencies throughout the metropolitan area.