Regulatory Services

Our regulatory compliance services address the gamut of city, state and federal regulatory requirements. From enforcement actions or consent decrees under state or federal Superfund laws to green remediation during property re-development, ACT has the expertise to deal with all your regulatory compliance requirements.

Enforcement Assistance

ACT’s staff of lawyers and engineers specializes in SARA, RCRA, NPDES and other permitting frameworks. Our personnel have years of practical experience working with the regulatory community to find ways of settling differences. If enforcement action has already commenced, we can rapidly bring the client into regulatory compliance.

Companies can also be thrust into an enforcement crisis because of mandated closure of chemical storage facilities, pipelines or drainage basins. Hardships from regulatory compliance can be avoided by meeting with regulators and establishing compliance guidelines.

ACT has the resources to produce evidence of environmental compliance. Discharge monitoring, end point sampling and construction documentation guarantee compliance with the most stringent governmental regulations. ACT can also assist in meeting any compliance schedule or seeking necessary extensions. We will work with the regulatory community to insure that your interests are protected.

Voluntary Cleanup Programs

City and State environmental programs allow owners to voluntarily remediate their properties and receive No Further Action letters in as little as two years. Tax credits, abatements and grants are also available.

The NYCOER administers the City’s Voluntary Cleanup Program and the NYSDEC administers the State’s Brownfield Cleanup Program. Both agencies operate pursuant to DER-10, the State’s technical regulations. Highly contaminated sites are managed exclusively by NYSDEC.

As a full-service environmental consultant, ACT’s manages contaminated sites from notification to closure including preparation of applications, agreements, work plans and reports. ACT personnel will also implement approved remedial activities such as tank removals, soil excavation, In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) and installation of Sub-Slab Depressurization Systems (SSDS) and Air Sparge/Soil Vapor Extraction (AS/SVE) systems.

Green Remediation

NYSDEC’s Green Remediation Program (DER-31) outlines New York State’s approach to remediating sites in a sustainable manner. Green Remediation is the practice of considering all environmental effects of remedial actions to minimize their environmental footprint. DER-31 requires green remediation concepts and techniques to be considered during all stages of a remedial program.

ACT evaluates ongoing remedial activities and provides clients with green remediation alternatives that can be implemented to improve the sustainability of the remedial action. These improvements are then used to gauge the net environmental benefit of the implemented green technology.