Forensic Science and Engineering Services

ACT personnel conduct thorough investigations into the history of the manufacturing, processing and chemical handling practices utilized at particular properties. Our forensic evaluations have been accepted by state and federal regulatory agencies and utilized in cost recovery and contribution litigation.

forensics-aerial-photographs-show-landfill-expansion-thumbBackground Research

Information gained from detailed background research can be invaluable in ascertaining the nature and extent of the release. Public documents can be obtained through specifically tailored information requests. Research into the title history of a property can identify common ownership.

Permits, licenses and other available records will provide additional about the type and type periods of operations conducted at a particular property. Examination of aerial photography can also provide essential information about historical waste storage and disposal practices.

forensics-3d-plume-of-solvent-contamination-thumbField Investigations

Walk-through inspections allow observation of current operating practices that could be indicative of significant chemical releases. Conclusions about a chemical release must be based upon accurate and reliable evidence. Field Investigations conducted by ACT personnel use the most reliable techniques currently available.

Soil investigations measure the amount of contamination in subsurface soils. Groundwater investigations determine the flow direction and quality of groundwater beneath a property, the timing of a chemical release and it environmental impact.

forensics-complex-release-modelingInterpretation of Results

ACT conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the results to provide accurate and reliable information about release events. Physical, mathematical and computer models have been utilized to simulate site conditions and provide information about source type, contaminant migration and release timing.

Statistical evaluations, graphic aids and detailed reports can be assembled to explain technical issues in common terms of liability and financial exposure. We can also provide a remedial plan to mitigate the effects of environmental contamination and an associated cost estimate to assess the monetary damages.